Tourist attractions near Sileo

Our pension is located in the Western Tatras in Rachkova valley. Thanks to its location in the region of Liptov, we can take pride in the beautiful nature that surrounds our pension.
Liptov itself belongs to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovakia.
In the vicinity, you‘ll find lots of hiking trails, caves, thermal springs and open-air museums.

With us, everything in the area is within your reach.?

The most interesting things in the area

20 km from us is the largest water dam in Slovakia – Liptovska Mara.

Its main purpose is flood protection, but the dam itself contains 4 turbines serving as power generators.

From Liptovsky Trnovec‘s center, you are able to get a boat cruise through the Liptovska Mara.

About 2 km away from Liptovska Mara, in the region of Liptovsky Mikulas, there is an archeological site Havranok. This site contains an open-air museum with a Celtic fortress Kotinov with a druid sanctuary dating back to 1st century B.C.

There are three parks you can choose from within a 40 min ride from Sileo. Tatralandia is located mere 22 km away, while Aquapark Gino Paradise is a bit further, at 39 km. The third aquapark is Aquacity Poprad, located 50 km away to the east.

In Tatralandia, you have the possibility to choose pools with both thermal and regular water. Meanwhile, children will have their fair share of fun sliding down the water slides. If you feel like relaxing, you can do so in the SPA zone, alternatively you can go surfing. Aquacity on the other hand, has a sophisticated and well-equipped cryocentre for those who love the cold or the challenge of enduring under cold conditions.

Approximately 15 km away from our pension, there is a thermal spring Kada in Liptovsky Jan. It is well accessible from the nearby highway and you can bath in it for free at any time. The water that springs is drinkable and heavily mineralized. It is thus a favorite destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

If you want to enjoy the sightseeings, the tour of Hrebenovka and, at the same time, you don’t really feel like walking a long long time uphill, then you are in luck, as you have several possibilities to choose from! You can reach Chopok (2,024 MASL) via Jasna. Solisko can be reached via Strbske Pleso. Hrebienok, via a funicular from Smokovec. Tatranska Lomnica is a stop for people wishing to reach Skalnate Pleso or Lomnica Peak (Lomnicky stit, 2,634 MASL).

One of the most amazing ‘mototrips’ in Tatras is a trip from Neznama (a water reservoir) to Cierny Vah. Click on the video and enjoy a unique view.

While in Ziarska Dolina (Ziarska Valley), take your children to ‘Medvedia Stolna’. It is the only old mining workplace in Liptov accessible to tourists. It is truly an unforgettable experience. Every visitor will receive a headlamp prior to his/her visit, no special dress nor footwear are required.

Approximately 30 km away from us, there are three accessible caves – Demanovska Ice Cave, Demanovska Cave of Liberty and Stanisovska cave. In the vicinity, you can also visit the Vazhetska, the Cave of Dead Bats or Bystrianska Cave.

For spelunkers, there is a newly-established Slovak Museum of Nature Preservation and Speleology in Liptovsky Mikulas.

Lovers of open-air museums will be satisfied in the Museum of the Orava village in Zuberets or in the Museum of the Liptov village in Pribylina.

The open-air museum in Pribylina is a part of the Liptov museum and belongs among the youngest open-air museums in Slovakia. The expositions document a life in documenting life in the 18th, 19th and the start of the 20th century.

The Museum of the Orava Village is located in a beautiful scenery in the Rohachov foothills. It consists of more than 50 buildings of folk architecture.

And, if your body is tired and in need of rest after a day full of exploration, mere 8 km away from us lies one of the best Slovak Wellness centers, inside Hotel Permon. Our customers receive an exclusive offer of a 3-hour entry at a reduced price.