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Our pension Sileo is located in the Western Tatras in the Rachkova valley.

Podbanske ski resort is the nearest ski resort, approximately a 10 minute drive by a car. Thanks to the altitude of 1100 m.a.s.l. where the resort is located, it has wonderful conditions for skiing. The skiing session on the slopes of Podbanske tend to be above average longer and lasts 100 to 115 days on average. The slopes of the resort are of medium and low difficulty, and are thus suitable for children as well as less skilful skiers. The resort contains 4 lifts, and has something to offer to the experienced skiiers as well.

SKI Centre Opalisko

Not far away from Liptovsky Mikulas, SKI Centre Opalisko is located approximately 25 minutes by car from our pension. For small children, there is a natural skating rink, sleigh track as well as children‘s area. The resort also contains a cross-country skiing area, containing 30 km of tracks. The resort contains 5 artificially snow-covered slopes, 4 lifts and a seat, thus you won‘t have many long lines to wait in.

Solisko – Štrbské pleso

This ski resort is located mere 30 minutes away from Sileo. Strbske Pleso offers 9 kilometers of easy and medium difficult ski slopes on the slopes of Predne Solisko. It is possible to use the services of ski and snowboard renting, as well as to apply for a ski school for beginners.

For cross-country skiers, Strbske Pleso offers cross-country tracks with the length of 26,5 km. You will fall in love with the night skiing! If you love adrenaline, be sure to visit the snowpark!

Other ski resorts around Sileo

Yasna Nizke Tatry (Jasná Nízke Tatry)

You can reach this ski resort via a highway, which takes approximately 28 minutes.

Yasna, as the largest ski resort, offers lots of activities to choose from. Great conditions for winter sports, 49 km of adjusted slopes and modern snowing system only confirm the attractiveness of this resort. The winter season lasts approximately 5 months.

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Are you interested in ski mountaineering while using your climbing abilities? If so, you will find what you are looking for!

Baranec, Western Tatras

The landmark of Liptov as well as the third highest peak of Western Tatras. From the height of 2,185 MASL, you will be able to see Banikov, Placlive, Ostry Rohac as well as the Otrhancov Ridge. You can get there in two different ways – through Ziarska Dolina or Rackova Dolina. From Zdiarska Dolina, it is approximately a 4 hours long trip, if you are opting for a slower tempo.

Rackova Dolina – Koncista

Through Rackova Dolina and the forest trail you will get to Uzka Dolina. From there, you will reach the ‘Prostredne’ clearing. The elevation leads to ‘Koliba pod Klinom’. From Koliba, you will be able to get to Rackove Plesa, where the slope gains in its steepness. After the climb, you will be able to reach Rackove Sedlo, and a mild increase in steepness will lead you on top of Koncista, a point from which you can ski your way down to the tarns.

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Rackova Dolina – Klin

This trail is similar to the one to Koncista. You will get there from Rackove Sedlo by going uphill, while keeping to the left side. However, if you are going for Klin, you will have to climb rightwards for somewhat longer. From Klin, you will be able to ski down to the hut (Koliba) using the southwestern hillside. However, it is possible to walk through the ridge southwards, and from there, ski your way down to the hut.

From the shorter tracks, we can mention the Pribylina – Ustie Uzkei Doliny, which amounts to 3,5 km; and Pavchina Lehota – Zhiartse which is 1,6 km long.

The track Zavazhna Poruba – Opalisko can be taken in two ways – the first track is over 2 km long, the other is almost 5 km long.

Malino Brdo has a cross-country skiing track longer less than 1 km.

You can rent the necessary equipment for cross-country skiing in the centre of Yasna Nizke Tatry in Liptovsky Mikulash and Zavazhna poruba.

Cross-country skiing

Liptovska Kokava – Podbanske has an adjusted track 10 km long. You can get to Liptovska Kokava via a 2,8 km long trail, or with a car which takes approximately 6 minutes. Liptovska Kokava also has a skate rink in form of a circuit.

Podbanske – Kmetov waterfall is a track approximately 8 km long. Via the yellow trail, you can reach the crossroads of Koprova and Tikha valley, via the green trail, you’ll get to the crossroads Pod Grunkom and the blue trail will get you to the Kmetov waterfall.

Pribylina – Ustie Uzkej doliny is one of the shorter trails that are truly worth mentioning, its length stands at 3,5 km.

For the backcountry skiing enthusiasts, Sileo is the right place. Forest, meadows and forest trails offer an amazing opportunity to experience the beauties of winter season in a unique trip to the depths of nature.