Sileo and four basic elements – air, water, earth, fire


Sileo and four basic elements – air, water, earth, fire

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Hot summer days, pleasant warm evenings, time spent with family and friends, time for a relax and new memories. That is summer. A therapy for our bodies and souls. A therapy planned in the best possible way by our SILEO. #sileotherapy Although the name Sileo comes from the latin word “silentio” – “calm, silence”, don’t be confused. Sileo is the heart of Liptov region, offering a wide range of activities and ways to actively spend the precious free time we all have so few of.



The Western Tatras are as if designed for hiking and trekking lovers. Sileo is located mere 30 km away from both Low and High Tatras. A chance for the so-called “urban tourists” to change their stylish pumps that weekly overcome the pitfalls of malls, with even more stylish trekking boots, a backpack, a camera around the neck (after all, there must be a Tatra selfie as a proof) and commitment. Unlike in the urban life, where people pay with euros, people in the Tatras pay with drops of sweat. Your reward will be clear mountain air, a breathtaking Tatra panorama, a well-spent time as a couple and perhaps a small tax of a few days long muscle soreness, which your other loving half will surely help you get rid of in one of our pension’s rooms. However, if these problems would persist, #sileotherapy can provide you with a bubble bath in a tub under the sky, whether during the day or in the evening with the sky filled with glittering stars and a bottle of Prosecca in your hand, as well as a film being played on canvas right outside.


The Liptov region has its own specific history. There is an open-air museum located in Pribylina, close to Sileo, offering an insight into a traditional Liptov village, as well as Wooden Articular Church of Svaty Kriz, located on the other side, filled with museums that open the door to time for the enthusiasts of the past. This door can also be found by visiting the largest castle in Central Europe – Spiš Castle. Families that enjoy wandering will find Tatra caves a wonderful and a unique experience – regardless of whether they visit the one in Liptovsky Jan, Demanovska Cave of Liberty or Demanovska Ice Cave. If the interest arises, we are able to provide access to inaccessible paths in Liptovsky Jan with a guide. There are countless cycling and hiking trails around Sileo, one of which is the famous Tatranska Magistrala trail, leading you to Ziarska chata, Ticha or Koprova valley. Pump the wheels, put your helmets on and let’s go!


Pribylinský Tajch

Summer is of course connected with lots of entertainment, which can be offered by yet another element – water. Right behind the corner is Tatralandia and Thermal Park Vrbov, as well as waterpark Besenova located 50 km away. However, using the motorway it makes it a 25 min ride. It’s time to inflate the swim rings for the little ones, deflate the ones for us adults and into the swimsuit it is! The bubbles can’t wait – whether the ones in the pools, or the ones in the glass of a dewy summer reward – an inseparable part of a peaceful time for adults.

Rafting. For the more demanding individuals who aren’t satisfied with water parks, there is a possibility of rafting on a water canal, on the Vah river or the Bela river, whether for individuals or families with children. Vah is available throughout most of the year and is as if designed for the phlegmatic and sangvinic types wanting to enjoy the scenery without the need to fight for your life against the river’s flow. For those who like wrestling with the flow, there is the Bela river, an ‘aggressive’ river accessible only throughout certain seasons. Liptovska Mara reservoir is also worth mentioning, where you can enjoy several, very pleasant experiences: rowing, swimming or going on scenic cruises.


What is there to be said about this element? We certainly want to mention the typical summer bonfires, regular barbecues and the legendary Sileo barbecue, where every gourmet will revive his taste buds with delicious meals. There is also a bar providing guests with a wide variety of fun in a fluid form – from rum to whiskey and to a colorful collection of Tatratea drinks, our welcome drinks for our new guests. One of the specialties of our pension that you won’t find elsewhere is our grandiose pentathlon with flaming “fire-drinks”, charging your body with a huge flame of adrenaline, leaving you with unforgettable memories and positive vibes that will keep on resonating in you long after the summer had ended. But, do not despair after the end, for Sileo has its own winter story. 🙂

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